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Marina Lyovina

  • Marina Lyovina

    Senior Key Account manager
    +7 985 782 61 10

  • “…To be honest, I’ve dreamed to be connected somehow to the aviation since I was a child, but it was a dream that wasn’t clearly defined: I mean, I didn’t see myself as an air hostess or a pilot. Whenever I was at an airport or saw a plane in the sky, I felt all sorts of emotions running through me. There’s no denying that there’s something romantic about the sight of a jet flying through the sky. But most of all I was curious about the process itself, about how all this works “from the inside”. After all, a pilot is a very different thing from a car driver. Before the plane can take off there are so many operations and checks that needed to be done, and additional aspects that needed to be monitored. I always wanted to find out more about aviation in practice, and that is probably the reason why I am so passionate about the thematic literature in this field. It feels as if the work chose me, and I found my calling in aviation. I have been working in client services unit at the Business Aviation Club for several years now. For me it’s more than just a work: I adopt a creative approach to the tasks I am set and put my whole being into the job: In people I always appreciate trust, transparent relationships and mutual understanding.

    When you cooperate with sub-units, you value the clarity of the set tasks and you use all your power to make flights easy, the passenger - delight, and the assistant’s life- easier than the director’s flight – that is what inspires me. I love my job and it’s nice to realize that this love is mutual. Now I can say with confidence that it’s not just the planes that appeal to me. I value the responsibility put on me, because when I get the sense that someone trusts me, I can’t ever lose this trust in that person’s eyes! I am proud to be doing what I love. When your dreams come true you are already the happiest one!”

The Business Aviation Club Team